«Growth» is a word which has characterized PEMICA during the last years. That is why it is our daily concern not just to give our customers the best quality service, but keep them posted thus increasing business opportunities.

Precisely, in search of business opportunities, we decided to attend the 49th FAPPO Annual Conference in Florida whose main objective was to attain excellence in public contracting issues and the sustained development of contracting subsidiary companies. This event took place in Orlando and gathered more than one hundred companies from all over the state and registered more than 2.000 attendants.

Ezequiel Zamora, Elvis Jiménez and Pedro Navarro were our executives in charge of our representation and advertisement of our products and services to potential buyers and purchasing agents from all Florida counties. It is our first time taking part at this conference and, according to Elvis, “we had the chance to get in touch with the purchasing departments from different Florida counties for the first time. This is great news since we are able to meet their needs for security demands».

On the other hand, Pedro considers our participation at FAPPO 2016 as a chance to blow up PEMICA INC’s reputation in the security market and show clients we are a big, serious and highly-specialized company in our business. He states that in this kind of events, «PEMICA shows its face and pride on producing quality products and development for the security areas”.

Ezequiel says that at the 4-hour trade show; we established crucial contacts with high positioned executives from the brands we distribute. Among them, Andre Jackson, who currently performs as Region Sales Manager Easter Division at Smith Detection. «Both of us analyzed the possibility to attend FAPPO 2017 together as a way to project our prestige and image forward out here in Florida”.

So, for sure we will attend FAPPO 2017 -and other similar events- since it has been an enriching experience. Besides, it is a big opportunity to show the quality of our products and our development which are our presentation letter since the very moment of our creation.